Xiangji insists on taking science and technology as the forerunner, taking the market as the vane, always insisting on the corporate policy of winning by quality, striving for perfection, putting customers first and satisfying demand as the auspicious foundation; insisting on the purpose of maximizing social benefits and value, and constantly innovating and updating. In the new generation, new products of gas water heater parts and its follow-up good products have been continuously researched and developed.

The perfect production process is not just that we have advanced production technology, equipment and perfect testing methods. In contrast, we pay more attention to the key role of technology in this process. While continuing to enhance the existing technical advantages of precision molds, key components and other products, Xiangji also has a professional technical team of more than 50 senior technical personnel, and has established a provincial-level enterprise technology center and other technical research and development institutions to be able to compete in the gas water heater industry. Repeated breakthroughs and achieved more than 150 patents, enabling products to continue to innovate, not only to meet the needs of consumers, but also to make important contributions to the cause of social energy conservation and environmental protection, and become the intellectual pioneer of similar enterprises. At present, the products have developed into three series and more than two hundred varieties. Among them, gas water heaters include condensing digital constant temperature type, strong drum digital constant temperature type, ultra-thin digital constant temperature type, ordinary digital constant temperature type, simple constant temperature type, enhanced combustion type, flue There are hundreds of varieties of heat exchangers such as 5.5L-16L flue type, forced exhaust type and constant temperature type; there are dozens of types of burners, such as C type, T type, and highly sealed large liters. Variety: The body shell has both the exclusive design of the cooperative company and the style of independent intellectual property rights. There are more than 5000 sets of sheet metal molds.

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