Guangdong Xiangji Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. has been committed to charity and public welfare for a long time, and Xiangji has its presence in various medical, educational, and charitable undertakings. According to incomplete statistics, the company has donated more than 2.1 million yuan in donations since 2006, benefiting more than 10 provinces and municipalities across the country.

We have always been adhering to the "people-oriented" concept, based on the performance and contribution of employees, providing timely and reasonable returns, and providing employees with a comprehensive health and safety protection system and growth mechanism. We attach great importance to the spare-time life and mental health of employees. We have established perfect communication channels for employees, encouraged them to carry out a variety of cultural and sports activities, and enriched their spare-time lives. Xiangji has been working hard to provide employees with a comfortable office environment. Xiangji regularly investigates the working environment of employees, so that employees can realize their potential in an ideal environment. In order to help new employees adapt to our culture as soon as possible, our training for new employees covers multiple aspects such as corporate culture, future goals, product knowledge, and operating standards. According to different job positions and job nature, the training time ranges from one month to three months. We also have a comprehensive on-the-job training program, which includes both management and technical aspects. Different professional qualifications, levels and employee categories will have different training plans to provide powerful help for each employee's career development.

Xiangji's two-way promotion channel for job qualifications, combined with job requirements, enables employees with management abilities and management potential to grow into managers smoothly, and at the same time enables employees who have concentrated on technology and have technical expertise to grow into a certain position through their own efforts. Experts in majors or business fields provide a broad space for employees' career growth.

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