Xiangji always adheres to the principle of quality first, uses advanced production lines and testing equipment, establishes a quality assurance system of self-inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection, regards product quality as the life of the company, pursues zero defects, carefully builds a corporate brand, and establishes a good corporate image. Inside Xiangji, interact from top to bottom and from top to bottom; use technology to gain excellence and advance at each level; persevere to create first-class products. We have established a first-class gas distribution center, which can prepare any kind of gas; it has a complete quality inspection center, which conducts combustion tests on burners using different gas types, pressure tests on heat exchangers, and tests on gas water heaters. Comprehensive performance testing, etc.; we have formulated corporate internal control standards that are higher than national standards.

Speak with quality and prove with service. Guangdong Xiangji Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. will take "learning + service + innovation" as its purpose, and always bring you quality assurance. We will, as always, use wisdom and sweat, excellent technology, excellent quality, and considerate service to sincerely cooperate with customers to create brilliance.

Our quality policy:◇ Actively listen to customer needs; ◇ build product quality carefully; ◇ provide satisfactory services sincerely; ◇ always remember that serving customers is the only reason for our existence.

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